Matei Vişniec

Pockets Full of Bread


Áron Dimény
Loránd Farkas

directed by
István Albu
set design
Tibor Tenkei
costume design
Gyopár Bocskai
Alpár Soós
Péter Buksa
prop man
Tibor Molnár
stage manager
Zsolt Györffy

Date of the opening: february 02, 2013
Date of opening: 27 February 2013

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes without intermission

Two men meet at a well, from which the voice of a dog can be heard from time to time. The meeting of the nameless dog and the two men who can’t find the continuation of their lives creates a specific trio, which unveils to the spectator the situations of codependency, lack of love and of human relations. The fine woven play is one of Matei Vişniec’s creations – played continuously by the known theatrical workshops of the world – which give the most food for thought. Exceptional roles, virtuoso dialogues, quality humor, two actors in brilliant shape and a very talented young director – everything is given for a theatre evening approachable for all.
András Visky