Simon Stephens

Punk Rock

Main stage

William Carlisle
Kálmán Varju
Lily Cahill
Adrienn Réti
Bennett Francis
Tamás Lengyel
Cissy Franks
Éva Bata
Nicholas Chatman
Zoltán Karácsonyi
Tanya Gleason
Adrienn Herczeg
Chadwick Meade
Péter Telekes
Dr. Richard Harvey
Géza D. Hegedűs
Lucy Francis
Eszter Barcza / Kinga Réthy

directed by
Enikő Eszenyi
set design
Anni Füzér
costume design
Réka Pintér
Krisztina Kovács
Balázs Csontos
set design
István Krisztiáni
Andrea Zsolnay
stage manager
Balázs Röthler
director's assistant
Mónika Egyed

Date of the opening: May 09, 2012

A new student arrives in an English school: until now Lilly has been travelling across cities with her parents. William, the strange, shy boy becomes her protector: he gives her useful advice, initiates her in the school’s life and introduces her to his friends: Bennett, the awesome one, Chadwick, the smart one, Nicholas, the handsome one, Cissy, the cool one, Tanya, the shy one. Lilly quickly becomes part of the gang – maybe too quickly for William...
On the school ground love and power struggles go on just as in the grown-up world. Students have to grow up too quickly: their inependence is in fact lonelyness, the loss of security and innocence.
The 2009 piece raises a problem which was missing from the theatres in Hungary: it speaks about the youth’s problems and conflicts with lots of humour, but also with astonishing force and sincerity. This way it facilitates the understanding and processing of events like the tragedy from Norway.
Punk Rock is not a musical, but music plays an important part in it, because for the youth, the genre represents a way of self-expression, the possibility of identifying themselves.