Wojtek Ziemilski

Small Narration


Date of the opening: november 16, 2011
Duration: 1 h
Written, directed and performed by Wojtek Ziemilski

In the autumn of 2006, Wojtek Ziemilski found out that his grandfather, Wojciech Dzieduszycki - a notable citizen of the city of Wroclaw (Poland), had been a long-time collaborator of the communist secret police. While his family’s trying to recover from the shock and to grapple with the truth, Wojtek addresses these concerns in a lecture form, by combining personal narration, historical facts, contemporary choreography, and small narratives. He attempts to confront his artistic choices with the history that he couldn’t influence via lecture-performance, which mixes various forms of public address and artistic expression: personal confession, academic lecture, video art, and contemporary choreography. As a result, theatre intermingles with reality, private narration with historical commentary - all this in order to cope with the painful problem of memory and its manipulations.
Wojtek Ziemilski is a theatre director and a visual artist. His work is set on the edges of theatre, visual arts, and choreography. Ziemilski’s contemporary approach to theatre focuses particularly on devising techniques, the new-dance’s (“non-danse”) input to theatricality, and on the use of fact on stage.