David Costé - Maëlle Faucheur



Naomi Canard
David Costé
Maëlle Faucheur  

directed by
Maëlle Faucheur
set design
Aurélie Lemaignen
Charlotte Gaudelus
video images
Lucie Laurent - Pierre Delacolonge
Claire Chandelier
administrative consultant
Claire Guièze, Le Petit Bureau

Date of the opening: november 11, 2011
Duration: 1 h 30 min
With help of the Paris “Jeunes Talents” Award, the cities Paris, Saint-Ouen & Vincennes, Mains d’Œuvres, and with the support of the theatre companies Ephéméride Theatre-La Fabrique, L’Enfumeraie Theatre and the TSA-Paris.

It's all beginning on a TV show, and then goes dismantling: Michael Forester, an olympic athlete and a star, is invited to promote a documentary about his own life, I am fabulous. In this world of images, guest after guest, avatars are multiplying, preventing us from distinguishing reality and fiction. The whole thing twirls into a vortex where the ideas of “models” and individual personality are floating by: who are we, who can we be, and who would we want to be? Three characters are writing the destiny of common people with sometimes ordinary, sometimes extraordinary ideas, solutions, energies.
The Dahu Company works on creations mixing different stage materials - photos, videos, sounds, dance, texts - to question contemporary subjects. It is meant to study, in an artistic laboratory, how social standardizations, personalities, opinions, beliefs are operating. And finally to ask a simple question: what can we change, and do we really want to change?