The Stick

A performance by Tibor Várszegi


Date of the opening: May 27, 2011

If you can rely on the upper part of your stick with both of your hands while in the fields, you may become one with the field. Your arms reach to the ground with the help of the stick, your soul-spirit may meet the earth: it helps you to remember your ancestors and descendants, your past and future. You stop acting, you settle down. You meditate in the center of the world about what the stick means.You are Kurgan, or the temple of the Holy Spirit, a creation of the Father. This is the beginning of the world of the stick.
If you grab the lower part of your stick while in the fields, either you show the way or you strike down - you act in the moments of the present. Your arm swings in the air, and no matter who or what is around you, you are alone in your act. You change your world, you are human: Christlike or Judas-faced. This is the end of the world of the stick. (Obscure writer)   
Music: Szilárd Mezei (viola, violoncello)