Mária Szepes

The Red Lion


Vera Venczel
play written by
Böbe Bodor and Attila Lőrinczy
directed by
Böbe Bodor
costume design
Márta Jánoskúti
set design
Sándor Daróczi
video images
Gitta Rajnai
Katalin Bakos
original music by
Gizella Bagó, Balázs Barna
Attila Lőrinczy
Csaba Almássi J.
director's assistant
Zoltán D. Mucsi and Zsuzsa Kertes
stage manager
János Héjj
Zsuzsa Kertes

Date of the opening: April 13, 2011

The Red Lion is a monodrama based on Mária Szepesi's novel published in 1946. Soon after its appearance the book was pulped as being dangerous, subversive literature and the saved copies were passed round for decades, enjoyed as forbidden fruit by those who could lay their hands on it. Still, the novel has become a cult work. The main subject of the book is immortality attained by an elixir, the Prima Materia.  The story begins in 1535 and ends three hundred years later as we follow a reincarnated soul's development through subsequent lives and deaths.