A. P. Chekhov

Three Sisters

A performance of the Northern Theatre Harag György Company (Satu Mare)

Main stage

Andrei Sergeyevich Prozorov
Csongor Zsolt Nagy
Natalia Ivanovna
Orsolya Csiki
Zsuzsa Némethy
Stella Vencz
Andrea Varga
Fyodor Ilyich Kulygin
István István
Aleksandr Ignatyevich Vershinin
Gábor Rappert
Nikolai Lvovitch Tuzenbach
Antal Nagy
Vassily Vasilyevitch Solyony
Attila-Zsolt Péter
Ivan Romanovitch Chebutykin
József Bíró
Mihály Zákány
Kati Méhes
Orbán Nagy
Gyula Gaál

directed by
Attila Keresztes
Ottó A. Bodó
set design
Zsolt Khell
costume design
Bianca Imelda Ieremias
stage manager
Sándor Ács
Katalin Varga

Date of the opening: march 02, 2011

The play is the drama of bliss questing. The Prozorov-brethren(Andrei, Olga, Masha and the youngest, Irina) are living in an unknown town but they are aspiring after Moscow, the place they grew up. They are making plans, seting new and new deadlines but everything stays the same, the craving remains and the time passes by.
Dramatic is the fact that the characters are doing nothing for the eagered bliss, not that it would be beyond their reach(unreachable). There is not even an encounter between the characters just like in every other writings of Chekhov: they shut themselves up, they are discussing next to each other.