Carlo Goldoni

The Chioggia Scuffles

A performance of the Northern Theatre Harag György Company (Satu Mare)

Main stage

István István
Pasqua, his wife
Ágnes Lőrincz
Lucietta, Toni’s sister
Tekla Laczkó
Beppe, Toni’s little brother
Attila Zsolt Péter
Tita Nane, fisherman
Csongor Zsolt Nagy
Fortunato, fisherman
Orbán Nagy
Libera, his wife
Zsuzsa Némethy
Orsetta, Libera's sister
Stella Vencz
Checca, Libera's sister
Andrea Varga
Ernő Galló
The notary
Antal Nagy
Vicenzo, merchant
Mihály Zákány
Warrant officer
Gyula Gaál
Johanna Bándi

directed by
Attila Keresztes
Ottó A. Bodó
set and costume design
Bianca Imelda Jeremias
stage manager
Katalin Varga
Katalin Varga

Date of the opening: march 01, 2011

What could be more pleasant than some quiet time on a sunny Italian port where the women and girls are waiting home their men from the sea? Maybe a little tittle-tattle, banter, even dog-fight for fear of that the serenity would be too stable and boring. And when the trouble-stirring is mixing with the Italian temperament a truly comic side-splitting and loud comedy is coming into existence.
Carlo Goldoni's The Chioggia Scuffles is about two fisher families where the women are fighting each other all the time because they can't control their anger and mouth. The scuffle is provoked by their quipering and their men, returning from the sea, are already involved in some malicious stories. Everybody wants to mete out justice so the trouble is intensifying so the case ends up on the court. The inventive remedial of the situation is the notary and of course, love: in the end of the comedy the "fighters" not just come to terms with each other but they are celebrating a triple wedding also.
Thanks to Goldoni's cleverness the heart of these Italian women is not rancorous just their mouth is far too big.