Concerto per voce e musiche sintetiche (SIXDEGREES)


Date of the opening: October 14, 2010

A history of a walk in water and in its absence. A personal reflection on the extraordinary beauty and strength of this element through music, image, sound and body.
Our wish is to excite whom that looks for pureness and vital energy of water until paroxysm, and then to fall in its lack. The spectator then will have ahead his eyes the dry landscape ground crossed by wind. The tried route is a return to the synthesis, to the artifice between body, voice, sounds, virtual environments and light boxes.
It is an experiment chorus-resonant where holographic images, achieved sound directly on stage and natural elements give to the space of staging, a magic lantern of big dimensions.

Santasangre is an artistic research project that was born in Rome in late 2001, a collective expression of diverse artistic training and personality, the Santasangre begin their journey by putting together what was the training of all: the body art, language video, installations and sound.