Ways of Love

Multimedia performance


Date of the opening: november 12, 2009
Created and performed by: Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič
Music, video, photography: Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič
Light design: Urška Vohar
Design: Mauricio Ferlin
Executive production & coordination: Sabina Potočki
Produced by: Zavod EMANAT / EMANAT Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Co-produced by: Delavski dom Trbovlje in collaboration with: KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana
Duration: 70 min

Ways of Love researches, investigates and formulates a language of two authors with different formal backgrounds and experiences. They meet through common themes and a common working process that investigates the dialectics of this particular creative collaboration. The process and the product centre on the intimacy created in this particular encounter. The central theme revolves around violence, which in the process is perceived as the only possible articulation of longings for love, lust, dissection and loss of bodily fetters. By bringing the violence and desire behind it into consciousness, two possible ways of resolution open up. The first is the way of 'purification'/catharsis through pain and the second through laughter and self-irony.

Maja Delak is a choreographer and dancer. She studied contemporary dance at CNDC L'Esquisse in Angers, France, and at numerous dance seminars, led by internationally renowned instructors including Mark Tompkins, Howard Sonnenklar, Julyan Hamilton, David Zambrano, Elizabeth Corbett, Sankai Juku, Michael Laube, and Jordi Cortes Molina. She was the co-founder of institute EN-KNAP and is a permanent member of the international dance group En-Knap. In 2006, Maja Delak established institute EMANAT which aims for the affirmation of contemporary dance with performance production. Performances: 2009 Une façon d`aimer / Ways of Love (co-author: Luka Prinčič); 2008 Serata Artistica Giovanile; 2007 Expensive Darlings; 2007 Rodeo (co-author: Mauricio Ferlin); 2006 Flogging the Dead Horse, 2005 Gallery of Dead Women - Hommage a Hamletmachine (co-author: Mala Kline); 2004 HI-RES (co-author: Mala Kline); 2004 Rondinella (co-authors: Mauricio Ferlin and Mala Kline); 2004 Properly Blond (co-author: Mala Kline); 2002 Mezzanino; 2001 6agon; 1999 Gina & Miovanni; 1995 Manifestation of the Introvert.
Luka Prinčič is a musician, sound designer and media artist who has participated in a number of sound-music and multimedia projects. In addition to publishing web albums, he has been active in Ljudmila and Kiberpipa and is the administrator of skylined.org, an art-server/community. Prinčič is the author of audio-visual and electro-acoustic performances and multimedia actions in physical and mental-emotional spaces (Music for Hard Disks; Retrospections: Maya Deren; Waves in public: Squares). As a sound designer and adviser, he collaborates with artists, activists and producers of festivals and conferences at home and abroad (Eclipse, Neven Korda, Jodi Rose, Borut Savski, Luka Dekleva, Galerija Kapelica, MFRU, Netmage08, EMAF07, Device_art, Moderna galerija). His work focuses on a personally reflective and socially critical use of new technologies within contemporary audio-visual contexts. Most of his work is based on hacker ethics and DIY philosophy. Currently, he is most interested in the intersection of subjectivity, techno-science, net culture, AV-media and sound.