Juan Mayorga

The Perpetual Peace

A co-production of the Centro Dramático Nacional and Teatro de La Abadía

Main stage

José Luis Alcobendas
Julio Cortázar
Israel Elejalde
Ser Humano
Susi Sánchez
Fernando Sansegundo

directed by
José Luis Gómez
director's assistant
Luis Blat, Andrea Delicado
set design, choreography
José Luis Gómez
costume design
Alejandro Andújar
light design
José Manuel Guerra
original music by
José Luis Gómez
digital media
Álvaro Luna
Carlos Alonso

Date of the opening: december 13, 2008

Three dogs are being submitted to the final phase of a selection procedure to be an anti terrorist expert, where one of them will obtain the cherished K7 collar. The jury is formed of another dog and a man. The dogs have to solve more tests, for example, to give their definition of terrorism in 25 words or to participate in a personal interview. At the end, a person who’s been watching them all along explains that it’s impossible to make a choice, so there will be an extra test. Behind a door, a suspicious man is locked up, a man who may have crucial information about a terrorist attack. The dogs have to decide whether it’s morally justifiable to torture this person, if by doing so and obtaining the information, the attack may be avoided. An opportunist speech from the man and three different reactions from the dogs show the inevitable traps of anti-terrorism and the delicate dilemma of Kant’s dream of perpetual peace. Emmanuel: “They will overcome, if they can make us act like animals.”