György Dragomán



directed by
Armin Petras

Bonfire is about the anomalies of life in Romania following the fall of dictator, Nikolai Ceaușescu, as seen through the eyes of a young teen, Emma. The girl lost both her parents and her home and is taken into the care of her magical grandmother. Emma is struggling to liberate her soul from her parents’ and grandparents’ psychological burdens, but in order to succeed first she needs to see her family’s past clearly. How does one deal with one’s past when their country has just been liberated?

This performance of Bonfire has been produced in collaboration with the Staatsschauspiel Theatre, Dresden (DE) and the National Theatre in Sibiu (RO). It is the first time highly acclaimed German theatre maker Armin Petras works in Hungary. Two of Vígszínház’s actresses, Janka Kopek and Patrícia Puzsa play all the roles of the stage adaptation.