N. V. Gogol

Diary of a Madman

Tranzit House

Gábor Viola
Melinda Kántor
Translation: Imre Makai
directed by
Tom Dugdale
set and costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu, Tom Dugdale
original music by
Tom Dugdale, Gábor Viola, Juan del Encina
stage manager
Imola Kerezsy

Date of the opening: november 09, 2010
Press reviews

A small room, simply furnished, no ornaments, no extras. One simple chair. A man sitting in the chair, pondering the whitegray wall, whose color reminds you of old sheets. He is neither stiff nor loose. He is simply there. When he moves – to water the little plant growing in a small pot on the small table placed just beneath his window, for instance – he moves neither fast nor slow. In all things, he is perfectly average, perfectly neat, without waste. He looks out the window, a simple rotation of his torso and his neck, holding it for many hours, or even days, watching the world move below. Nothing interrupts him except for his work, which he does, and does well, coming home again in the evening to his small room, his chair, his sitting and his plant-watering. All is simple and routine… Unless you look very closely at him, at his mouth. Study the man’s lips, and you will see that they are moving fast. They are moving unbelievably fast! What is he saying? If you listen, you can just hear it – a flood of words, an eruption, a dream of tropical birds and paradise! Here in the great city, such dreams must be madness! But no one can survive alone.
(Tom Dugdale)