17. 06. 2021


Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House, directed by Botond Nagy, will be featured within the XXXIII. edition of the Kisvárda Festival of Hungarian Theatres. Included in the festival competition, the performance will take place on Tuesday, June 22, at 9 pm, at the Kisvárda Synagogue. In 2020, the production was nominated by the Romanian Theatre Association (UNITER) for Best Direction and Best Scenography.

Nóra realizes that the doll house she inhabits is getting increasingly narrower. That behind the embellished walls lie the recurring catatonic nightmares which she must fight if she wants to become a human being. If she wants to be free. With freedom comes sacrifice.

“Botond Nagy is the kind of director who has a distinct, easily recognizable theatrical world. There is a mood and even specific technical marks, alongside an audiovisual medium, an attitude that is characteristic for his work. And visual designer András Rancz expands the visual framework of the stage in an amazing way with his projected set.
Here, the reality that our senses have “claimed” is dissolved, and this is necessary when the evidences of patriarchalism have to be eradicated. Because the greatest power is precisely this reality, in which socialization and ultimately our bodies enclose us. The stake taken on by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj’s production of A Doll’s House is monumental: its deconstruction.” - wrote Botond Fischer in his review of performances published in the Helikon literary magazine.

Cast: Balázs Bodolai, Anikó Pethő, Csilla Albert, Lóránd Váta, Gábor Viola, Melinda Kántor, and Zsuzsa Tőtszegi.

Alongside the director, the production’s creative team includes: visual designer András Rancz; costume designer Carmencita Brojboiu; playwright Ágnes Kali, music and sound designer Bence Kónya-Ütő; lighting designer Romeo Groza; digital graphics by Szidónia Szederjesi, stage movement by Kinga Ötvös.

A Doll’s House will be presented to our Cluj audiences on June 19 and 27, at 7 pm, in the theater’s Studio Hall.

Tickets for the Cluj performances can be purchased at the theatre’s ticket office, as well as online, at www.biletmaster.ro.