23. 03. 2022


On Tuesday, March 29, 8 pm, Zsolt Bogdán will perform a new solo performance with his own anthology of Béla Markó's poems in the Studio Hall of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. With Saját Faust - after the memorable Dsida and Ady evenings - the Jászai Mari and Uniter Prize-winning actor of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj will attempt to present a complete cross-section of Béla Markó's lyrical oeuvre.

"Yes, that's right,

this is my life. Our life. Life. Discovering

again and again what you already know. As if

you've never experienced it before. To prepare for it

as you did the first time. You don't have to

sail around the world. Just love someone."

(Béla Markó: Saját Faust)

Here are Zsolt Bodgán’s words about the performance: "Why Saját? And why Faust? Why did I choose this poem title as the title of the event? Perhaps because I feel it resonates, it unites, because it indicates both author and performer, as well as the intention of the performer. It’s “Saját” (My own), because I am reciting Béla Markó's own poems while making them my own, and 'Faust', because the price is that the author sells his work and I, as a performer, sell my body and soul for the duration of this performance."

The performance was produced with the collaboration of the Târgu Mures Cultural Centre and the support of the Communitas Foundation.

Contributors: István Kövesdy, Csaba Damokos, László Szepessy.

Tickets for Saját Faust are available at the theatre’s ticket office and online at www.biletmaster.ro.