W. H. Group + Ádám Nádasdy

Shakespeare's Sonnets and Songs

november 15, 2017

Main stage

WH Group was formed at the initiative of cellist and composer Albert Márkos having as members popular Hungarian musicians like Irie Maffia performer Sena Dagadu, Albert Márkos, Samu Gryllus and Hunor G. Szabó with the goal of placing William Shakespeare’s sonnets and songs in a modern musical context.The name of the project refers to a monogram, the certain Mr. W. H. to whom Shakespeare dedicated his sonnets published in printed form. The identity of this mysterious person – like the content of the sonnets themselves – is the subject of much debate to this day but one thing is certain: in this formation, the poems assume an appropriately enigmatic and exciting musical guise. The event has a guest star, Ádám Nádasdy, translator of several Shakespeare plays, who is going to guide the audience throughout this show, a mélange of musical improvisations, klangfarbe music, free jazz, modern jazz, abstract hip-hop, spoken word and various hints to the history of music. To all appearances, the past 450 years have not affected the Renaissance man’s boisterous lust.