november 16, 2021

The comforting intimacy of our daily habits and routines is fragmented by external measures: restrictions and relaxations. The many rapid changes put our adaptability and patience to the test, and this unstable way of life is complemented by our diverse human relationships, the fact that everyone views matters differently, and would like things to occur in a distinct way.

Tevye, the dairyman, also faces change constantly. His tragic story unfolds in the most entertaining manner possible in the musical Fiddler on the Roof.

If the theatre is a mirror of our world, then the What's It All About? theatrical education program is a kind of playful magnifying glass. We scrutinize where our place is in the world and what our roles are within it.

The first block of the adult group, based around the November 20 performance of Fiddler on the Roof, will focus on the topic of Habit and Change.

Equally topical: fear and security, which will be explored in the context of the December 6 performance of The Cherry Orchard.

Some people find security in the past, others in their faith regarding the future. In The Cherry Orchard, the secure ground is slipping away from under Ranevskaya, but there are still elements of support around her.  Lopakhin is offered existential security, but his life is not complete either.

In the second meeting of the What’s it all About? series in December, we will be exploring, among other things, the trees of our own Cherry Orchard. How much can we revel in them and how much long-term security do they provide?

Participation requirement:

An EU digital COVID certificate (Green Pass) is required to attend the theatre performances and to take part in the What’s it all About? events.

November 20, 2021. Fiddler on the Roof – topic: Habit and Change

Preparatory session: Tuesday, November 16, 6 pm.

Post-performance session: Thursday, November 25, 6 pm.

December 6, 2021 The Cherry Orchard – topic: Fear and Security

Preparatory session: Friday, December 3, 6 pm

Post-performance session: Thursday, December 9, 6 pm.

Venue of the preparatory and post-performance sessions: the theatre’s rehearsal room


Group leaders:

Polixéna Keresztesi, psychologist

Tünde Kocsis, theatre pedagogue


Ticket prices:

The total cost of participation in the What’s it all About? program is 100 lei, including the price of the tickets for the 2 performances and the two preparatory and post-performance sessions.

You can also register separately for each What’s it all About? program. In this case, the cost of the educational program for Fiddler on the Roof and the sessions around it is 60 lei, while the participation to The Cherry Orchard and the sessions built around it is 40 lei.


Limited seats available. Registration deadline: November 14, 4 pm.


For more information, please send an email to tunde.kocsis@huntheater.ro or call 0743-341781.