10. 09. 2018


In the 2018-19 season, the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj will strive to bring before audiences the plays that did not make it to premiere in the last season. During the press conference announcing the new season, Managing and Artistic director Gábor Tompa said that due to the financial insecurity faced by the institution, he intends to view the projects announced for the upcoming season as proposals, which will be carried out depending on next year’s budget.

This season’s premieres begin on September 28, with the Main Hall performance of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, directed by Gábor Tompa, a production originally scheduled for March of this year.

In October, the company of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj will honor several theatrical festival invitations. Illegitimate will be presented at Satu Mare at the Tranzit Festival, as well as in Bucharest, at the Fest(in) pe Bulevard International Theatre Festival organized by the Nottara Theatre. The two-part production of Angels in America was invited to participate at the National Theatre Festival, which will take place in the second half of October.

The season’s second premiere will take place at the beginning of November, and is a devised theatre project that uses theatrical methods, and is based on focus group interviews taken with young people. The working title of the project led by Krisztina Sipos is Under Construction, and its main topic is the process of becoming an adult. The production is supported by the Romanian Cultural Fund (AFCN).

Organized by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, the 6th edition of the Interferences International Theatre Festival will take place between November 22 and 30. This year's nine-day event will feature sixteen productions from all around the world, from Russia to Lithuania, from Portugal to Israel, with works directed among others by Anna Badora, Stathis Livathinos, Csaba Horváth, Milo Rau, Luk Perceval, András Urbán, Toni Servillo, Eimuntas Nekrosius, Ilan Ronen, Nuno Cardoso or Klim Kozinsky. Wars is the theme of this year’s festival, on the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

In the second half of the season, we will be presenting the winning productions of the Competition for Young Theatre Directors. Following the Studio Hall production of Leta Popescu’s In(vizibil), the other two winning projects of the competition, Ioana Păun’s Mercenaries as well as Andrei Măjeri’s Las Meninas will be presented.

In March, Henrik Ibsen’s classic play, Nora, will be staged by Botond Nagy at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. We end the season with the premiere of Frank Wedekind’s Lulu, directed by Enikő Eszenyi, and we will start the preparations for the next season, with rehearsals already on the way for Brecht’s Mother Courage. The latter will be directed by Armin Petras, the former manager of the Maxim Gorki Theatre of Berlin and the Schauspiel of Stuttgart, in a co-production with the Dresden State Theatre.