Main stage
1 h 10` without intermission

Mihaela Drăgan, Antonella Lerca Duda, Nicoleta Ghiță, Zita Moldovan, Oana Rusu, Raj Alexandru Udrea ,

concept and directing
Georgescu Bogdan
set design
Irina Gâdiuţă
original music by
Alex Bălă
Paula Dunker
Mihaela Drăgan, Antonella Lerca Duda, Nicoleta Ghiță, Zita Moldovan, Bety Pisică, Oana Rusu, Raj Alexandru Udrea

Consider Sexodrom a sedition.
Of bringing personal stories and intimate accounts into the public space. Of loudly telling your story when nobody wants to hear it.
Think of Sexodrom as a political declaration of love.
Of telling one another that our lives and our sexuality can be a pleasant journey, and especially a safe one, whoever we are, regardless of our age, gender, sexual orientation, whatever our social or professional environment.
Take Sexodrom as an invitation to a grand unmasking.
What are the Romanian #metoo stories that you never hear, that you never read about online? It is high time they were told bravely and frankly.

Together with the director and dramaturge Bogdan Georgescu, we aimed to create a brave and seductive show in which we deconstruct classical theatrical devices and question, through performative discourse, the ways in which social and political structures influence our personal lives.
When the world is a stage where the rhetoric of insecurity and fear shapes our views more and more, we bring a counterproposal: to celebrate our sensuality and our belonging to the queer and roma minorities.