Georg Büchner

Leonce and Lena

Hungarian translation: László Lator

Studio Performance in the Main Hall
1h 40' without intermission

King Peter of the Kingdom of Popo
Lóránd Váta
Prince Leonce, his son
Balázs Bodolai
Princess Lena of the Kingdom of Pipi
Enikő Györgyjakab
Gábor Viola
Emőke Kató
Csilla Varga
Der Hofmeister
József Bíró
President of State Council
Attila Orbán
Police Chief
Sándor Keresztes
Ferenc Sinkó
Ervin Szűcs
Court Chaplain
Lehel Salat / Loránd Farkas
First Councilor
Róbert Laczkó Vass
Second Councilor
Szabolcs Balla
Third Councilor
Alpár Fogarasi
Fourth Councilor
Melinda Kántor

directed by
Gábor Tompa
set and costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu
András Visky
original music by
Vasile Şirli
Florin Fieroiu
director's assistant
István Albu
stage manager
Levente Borsos
Imola Kerezsy
Date of the opening: december 02, 2010

Both Leonce and Lena flee from home to avoid a wedding planned by others. However, they inevitably fall in love with each other. Leonce and Lena is a comedy written at a time when Germany was made up of eighty little states, and it is the first masterpiece in the history of drama to present the mechanism that depersonalizes and detaches thought and speech. The characters play with their death-machine toys and, like naughty children, break them in order to find their individual freedom.
Gábor Tompa