06. 06. 2024


The Regina Maria Theatre is organising the ninth edition of the Oradea International Theatre Festival (FITO) in Oradea. The prestigious event will take place between June 1-9, and will include a performance of Elektra by Botond Nagy on June 8 at 7pm in the main hall of the Regina Maria Theatre. The text adaptation is co-written by Ágnes Kali and Botond Nagy.

This will be the third festival appearance of the production based on Sophocles' tragedy in the 2023/2024 season, as it has already been a great success at the Romanian Creative Week in Iași and the New Comedy International Theatre Festival in Prague.

The production was nominated for Best Direction and Best Lighting Design by the Romanian Theatre Association (UNITER) in 2024.

The competition section of the Oradea International Theatre Festival, the Short Theatre Festival, is a unique cultural event on the Romanian theatre scene, which was first held in 1976; it was a separate festival until 2013, when the concept of FITO was conceived as a larger event by its organisers. Since 2013, it has become the main section of the Oradea International Theatre Festival, and this year it has reached its XXVII edition. The 2024 edition will feature nineteen performances in the competition programme, and five prizes will be awarded by the festival jury. This year, the FITO Festival will be divided into three sections: the competition programme of the Short Drama Festival, guest performances outside the competition and open-air events.

The best of Elektra comes from the encounter between the director's ultra-poetic imagination, the performance space bounded by the pulsating, soft, vibrating leather walls, talking about life and often delivering death (set design: Dragoș Buhagiar) and the hypnotic visual trails & hypnotic auditory tufts (light design: all Botond Nagy; original music & sound design: Claudiu Urse). There, in those scenes flooded by eerie lights and contextualized by inexplicable sounds, the actors' enunciation is just right and their gestures draw memorable images.” – wrote Mihai Brezeanu about the production.

The production is directed by Botond Nagy, with the collaboration of set and costume designer Dragoș Buhagiar, dramaturg Ágnes Kali and composer Claudiu Urse. The lighting design was created by Botond Nagy.

The lead role will be portrayed by Csilla Albert, with further roles to be played by Enikő Györgyjakab, Lóránd Váta, Tamás Kiss, Róbert Kardos M. and Eszter Román.

Tickets for the Oradea performance of Elektra  can be purchased at eventim.ro