27. 11. 2023


Staged by Attila Vidnyánszky Jr., the production of Young Barbarians will be performed four times at the National Theatre in Budapest. The play, inspired by the lives of Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály, will be performed four times between November 28 and December 1 in the Gobbi Hilda Hall of the Budapest National Theatre, starting at 7 pm each night. The performance scheduled for Wednesday, November 29, will be followed by an encounter with the creators of the production.

This is not the first time that the production was guest performed in Budapest, as it was also presented at the Budapest National Theatre during the 10th Theatre Olympics and the 11th edition of the Madách International Theatre Meeting (MITEM).

“Zoltán Kodály is portrayed by Ervin Szűcs, and Béla Bartók by Éva Imre: both actors are a good choice in terms of character, and they bring great portrayals to their characters as enthusiastic, young musicians, cultural crusaders and everyday people alike. Éva Imre's performance deserves a special mention, not only because she plays a male role, but also because she is an excellent portrayal of the fallible, oversensitive creator, and for most of the performance she does so without words, using only movement, gestures, facial expressions - and her eyes. The aforementioned good humour is also evident in the performances of the actors playing different roles - Lóránd Váta, Csilla Albert, Zsuzsa Tőtszegi, Zsolt Gedő, Loránd Farkas. Balázs Bodolai is a kind of narrator, and in part the voice of Bartók, he provides the framework for the story, he sets the context for each scene: he is spatially isolated, standing outside the company on stage, but his intense focus connects him to the events on stage.” – wrote Márta Bodó about the production.

The play is inspired by the lives of Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály, and is based on a text by Miklós H. Vecsei and improvisations by the creative team, in co-production with the Gyula Castle Theatre.

Cluj audiences can attend the performance on December 4 and December 18 in the Studio Hall of the Cluj Theatre.

Following its premiere, the production garnered numerous awards, nominations and festival participations: at the 44th edition of the Guild of Theatre Critics’s Award – where Young Barbarians won nominated for the Best Repertory Company Production - Éva Imre won the Best Actress in a Leading Role Award for her portrayal of Barbarian B.. She was nominated was nominated for the 2022 Best Actress in a Leading Role Award by the Romanian Theatre Association (UNITER) for the same role, her performance also being recognized by the Artistic and Social Advisory Board of Gyula Castle Theatre, who awarded her the Lajos Őze Prize for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts for her original and complex rendition of Béla Bartók.

The two main characters of the performance are portrayed by Éva Imre and Ervin Szűcs, with additional roles being played by Csilla Albert, Balázs Bodolai, Loránd Farkas, Zsolt Gedő, Zsuzsa Tőtszegi and Lóránd Váta; four young folk dancers are also included in the play: Katalin-Bíborka András, Ágnes Lakatos, Nimród-Károly Kacsó and Hunor Vincze-Pistuka.

A special feature of the Young Barbarians is the live accompaniment and performance by the Tokos Band: Csongor Attila Tókos, Albert Vajas, Gyula Bálint Szép, Kristóf Szakács, Zsombor Bálint.

The creative team also includes: Csaba Csíki (set designer), Zsuzsanna Cs. Kiss (costume designer), Dávid Mester (musical director), István Berecz (choreographer) as well as Emőke Veres (assistant director).

Tickets for the Bucharest performance of Young Barbarians are already sold out, while tickets for the upcoming Cluj performances can be purchased at the theatre's ticket office (weekdays between 10 am and 2 pm) or online at www.biletmaster.ro.