17. 10. 2023


On Friday, October 27, at 7 pm, Miklós Vecsei H. (QJÚB), Balázs Szabó (Szabó Balázs's band) and Huba Ratkóczi (QJÚB) will perform the theatre concert performance Füst a szemében – Cseh Tamás 80. in the main hall of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.

"We tell the story of Tamás Cseh's life, based on László Bérczes' book of conversations, from his birth to his death, featuring more than 20 songs. For us, this is the most important thing... Tamás's character and memory are unique, a common denominator for us all. We do not even attempt to interpret his way of performing, we focus, as he asks us to do in the Conversation Book, on 'speaking out' and telling his story..." - the artists confess.

The performance is based on lyrics by Géza Bereményi and Dénes Csengey, László Bérczes' book of conversation, hwile the script was written and directed by Miklós Vecsei H.; music by Tamás Cseh, János Másik, János Novák.

"...let me give you the thesis statement: in all the time that has passed since Tamás Cseh's death in 2009, the most important production of his life, entitled Füst a szemében (Smoke in his eyes), was staged by Miklós Vecsei H., Balázs Szabó and Huba Ratkóczi. [...] Tamás Cseh speaks to us in the voice of Miklós H. Vecsei, while Bereményi, Csengey and everyone else speaks to us in the voice of Balázs Szabó. All at once, we hear a biography, we see a historical time, and we enjoy a memorable concert in which really important pieces of the oeuvre are performed - some in shorter form, some in full, some only as a sign - but in a way that these songs also interpret the words of Tamás Cseh himself. Miklós Vecsei H. is - there's no other word for it - brilliant (not that Balázs Szabó and Huba Ratkóczi aren't)” - writes József Balla about the production.

Zsambéki Summer Theatre is a partner of the production.

Tickets for the theatre concert performance of Füst a szemében – Cseh Tamás 80. can be purchased at the theatre's box office (weekdays between 10 am and 2 pm) and online at www.biletmaster.ro.