19. 12. 2022


On Saturday, December 17, the awards of the Artistic Council of the theatre were presented on the occasion of the 230th anniversary of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. The awards ceremony also included the presentation of the prizes postponed due to the pandemic.

List of the laureates:

2018/2019 season

Miklós Bánffy Award: Ferenc Sinkó - for directing Concord Floral

Vlad Mugur Award: András Rancz for the visual design of A Doll's House

2019/2020 Season

Miklós Bánffy Award: Júlia Laczó for her title role and performance in Mother Courage and her children

Vlad Mugur Award: Helmut Stürmer - for the set design of Lulu

2020/2021 Season

Miklós Bánffy Award: András Buzási - for his performance in Animal Farm

Vlad Mugur Award: Attila Vidnyánszky, Jr. - for his direction of Romeo and Juliet

Debut Prize: Eszter Román and Tamás Kiss for their performances in Romeo and Juliet

2021/2022 Season

Miklós Bánffy Award: Ervin Szűcs for his performances in Hamlet and Oedipus

Vlad Mugur Award: Lia Manțoc - for her costume design for Macbett

Artistic Award: Zsuzsa Tőtszegi - for her performance in Hamlet

Company Award: Balázs Bodolai - for his performances in Oedipus and Journey by Moonlight

Special Award: Zoltán Csép - for his role in the preparation of the 8th Interferences International Theatre Festival and the implementation of the European Theatre Union's Catastrophe Project

Technical Award: lighting technician Romeo Groza

The Miklós Bánffy Award was established in 1992, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the theatre, by the artistic council of the institution, which decides each year by secret ballot on the outstanding artistic achievements of the previous season.

The Vlad Mugur Prize was established in 2006 by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj in recognition of the work of artists who are not members of the Cluj company.

In recent years, the following artists have been awarded the prize by the Artistic Council: Mihai Măniuțiu, director (2006), Carmencita Brojboiu, set and costume designer (2007), Vava Ștefănescu, choreographer (2008), Silviu Purcărete, director (2009), Vasile Șirli, composer (2009), Ilona Varga-Járó, mask designer (2009), Andrei Șerban, director (2010), Matthias Langhoff, director (2011), Robert Woodruff, director (2012), Kinga Mezei, director (2013), András Urbán, director (2014), Helmut Stürmer, set designer (2015), Martin Chocholoušek, set designer (2016), Yuri Kordonsky, director (2017), Adrian Sitaru (2018).

The official award ceremony for the Miklós Bánffy Award will take place at a later date, as will the panel discussions related to the Vlad Mugur Award.

Our heartfelt congratulations to all the award recipients!