24. 04. 2019


Following the Tranzit Feszt in Satu Mare, the Cluj International Encounters and the Bucharest FEST(in) pe Bulevard Festival, the company of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj will present a guest performance of Illegitimate (directed by Adrian Sitaru) at Sfântu Gheorghe.

As Andrea Tompa writes on www.Színház.net, “There is a unique type of acting on the surface (I have never before seen anything of its kind on the stage of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj), the presence of simplicity, of that everyday type of feeling (“downplayed”, as the literature calls it), of naturalness and "a bit" of realism, free of the theatrical, which gives way for little emotional expression or embellishment. As if it was real life itself. (…)The VR glasses bring this world very close to the audience, without changing the fixed theatrical focus (that is, they are no close-ups, no cuts, only long shots), yet it is as if we were looking through a microscope and closely studying a fantastically alive, active anthill living an intense life. Because that was what was literally happening before our very own eyes.”

The performance of Illegitimate will take place on Thursday, April 25, at 3 pm and 9 pm, respectively, at the Háromszék Dance Studio, as part of the 28th edition of the Sfântu Gheorghe Days' series of events.