10. 04. 2019


Within what has by now become a traditional annual exchange of performances between the two theatres, the Comedy Theatre of Budapest (Vígszínház) will be once again performing in Cluj in the month of June. The theatrical institution led by Enikő Eszenyi will present two performances on the Cluj stage on June 14: The Penthesilea Program directed by Réka Kincses, at 4.30 pm, in the Studio Hall, as well as Ferenc Molnár’s comedy, The Guard, staged by Péter Valló, on the Main Stage, starting at 7 pm.

Réka Kincses is a young Hungarian film director, writer and playwright born in Târgu Mureş, Romania, who is currently living in Germany. Her 2006 film Balkan Champion won the Best Documentary Film Prize at the 38th edition of the Hungarian Film Festival, organized in 2007. The Penthesilea Program is her directorial debut in Hungary for a play that she also wrote. It is a family story spanning over generations as seen through the perspective of an exceptionally talented female author, filled with raw sexuality and outspokenness. Penthesilea, despite bearing the name of the Greek heroine, is a modern and neurotic young woman, who has to flee from her own destiny that is overshadowed by her past; she would also like to escape from the close and at the same time ambiguous relationship she has with her mother. Will she be able to find peace following a rollercoaster ride of one-night stands, abortions and a desperate therapeutic treatment? Penthesilea will be portrayed by the young talent of the Comedy Theatre of Budapest (Vígszínház), namely Csenge Szilágyi

Ferenc Molnár’s comedy The Guard had its world premiere at the Comedy Theatre of Budapest (Vígszínház) in 1910, featuring the theatrical stars of the era: Irén Varsányi, Gyula Csortos and Zoltán Szerémy. By that time, Molnár was no longer an unknown playwright, however, it is without a doubt that The Guard’s success greatly contributed to his later unparalleled career. And this is no wonder, since in this play Molnár showcases all the tricks that make us love his work so much: clever plotlines, splendid dialogue, great characters, incomparable humor and human knowledge. The Guard is above all a “theatrical play” – exuding Molnár’s enthusiasm for the theatre with its every word. 

The Guard is a witty comedy, written by the most successful Hungarian playwright. The production directed by Péter Valló features András Kern, as well as Enikő Eszenyi and András Stohl in its main roles, who are on stage together for the first time. 

Tickets for the performances can already be purchased at the theatre’s ticket office and online at www.biletmaster.ro.