04. 03. 2019


On March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj offers half priced tickets for ladies attending the performance of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, held in the Main Hall of the theatre, at 7 pm. The discount applies to tickets purchased at the theatre’s ticket office and lasts from the date of its announcement to the day of said performance.

Directed by Gábor Tompa, the play takes place in the cold world of modern technology, where, in contrast, passions run high. Passions that point, first of all, toward narcissism and selfishness. At the same time, these characters are also prisoners of certain aspects of their own lives.

As Judit Simon stated on the ERport website: “The production does not take a stand, but formulates a series of questions about faith and disbelief, revenge and forgiveness, love and hatred. Where can the complete lack of neighborly love and forgiveness lead? Where can exclusion and the hatred towards otherness lead? The authentic, precise performances of the actors are what make The Merchant of Venice to be shocking. Great character portrayals in an utterly exciting, contemporary, astonishing production. Every single actor in the cast deserves our highest praise”.

Gábor Viola will portray the title role of the play, while the cast includes actors: Balázs Bodolai, Ervin Szűcs, Loránd Farkas, Szabolcs Balla, Péter Árus, Zsolt Bogdán, Éva Imre, Enikő Györgyjakab, Andrea Vindis, Csilla Albert, Alpár Fogarasi, Csaba Marosán, Attila Orbán, Róbert Laczkó Vass, Loránd Váta, Ferenc Sinkó, Paco Alfonsín, Áron Dimény, Melinda Kántor and János Platz.

Tickets can be purchased at the theatre’s ticket office daily between 10 am to 2 pm, as well as 90 minutes before performances.