24. 01. 2019


In the 2018/2019 season, our educational theatre lessons will continue in the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. Starting in February, students can register for special classes with their form master, while university students and their teachers can apply for thematic group workshops. 

The educational theatre lessons project entitled What’s It All About? started in September 2015; while since the spring of 2017, special classes for school children have been organized for students learning in Cluj and its surrounding areas, where students could address topics suggested by the Ministry of Education through certain theatrical performances. In recent years, our specialists (a director, drama educator, family therapist, psychologist and literary researcher) have worked with hundreds of school and university students, as well as adults in Cluj; the sessions addressed the problems that affect our everyday lives.

Our educational project, which continues in February, helps viewers prepare for theatrical performances and playfully process, as well as reassess their theatrical experience. The objective of the program is for participants to become theatre lovers and connoisseurs who are sensitive to social issues, while personally benefiting from the self-knowledge gained by attending theatrical performances and participating in our educational program. 

The program is co-ordinated by drama educator Tünde Kocsis, whose work is aided this year also by the guest experts: psychotherapist Izabella Kasza, psychologist Polixéna Keresztesi, as well as writer and lecturer István Berszán

Testimonials from the previous participants of the program: 

“The encounters made me realize how much the THEATRE and EVERYDAY LIFE have in common.” (Csaba)

“This was great! I got to know others, myself, the perspective of other people on several different topics. FUN!!! I got to relax, think about certain things; the topics were interesting.” (Robi)

“Many people who are different can still form a rock solid team. It was a great experience.”(Zoárd)

“Nowadays, young people do not really consider theatre as an important element of their lives. These encounters can help promote theatrical performances, as each is unique and so highly interactive that one simply cannot get tired of them. In addition, the activities also expand our general knowledge.”(Matyi)

For additional information and registration please contact project manager Tünde Kocsis at tunde.kocsis@huntheater.ro or by phone at 0743 341 781, daily between 9 am and 4 pm.