06. 11. 2018


The Hungarian Theatre of Cluj’s next premiere was staged by a young creative team. Under Construction is a devised theatre project, addressing the process of becoming an adult.

The coordinator of the creative process was Krisztina Sipos, who previously worked as a director, composer or performer in mainly independent theatrical projects.
As she stated at the press conference of the event, her biggest challenge during the creation of Under Construction, was the coordination of the large team, aggregating and implementing the individual and collective ideas that arose during the creative process. All those who participated in the research aspects and staging of the production – from the actors of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, to freelance actors, and acting students - were equal participants in a project that reflects their own personal attitudes and ideas concerning the process of becoming adults.

In the preparatory phase of the production, interviews with young people of different ages were carried out; dialogues, focus groups or thematic discussions were organized with the help of experts, in order to seek answers for questions, such as: What distinguishes an adult from a child? What makes a person an adult? What are the things that end and what are those that begin once one becomes an adult? Can we ever say we are ready? How do we deal with each other's problems, how does our age difference affect our communication, how can we take responsibility for our words and actions, and how are our decisions impacting us?

Cast: Csilla Albert, Áron Dimény, István Ferenczi, Melinda Kántor, Gizella Kicsid, Rebeka Kolcza, Júlia Laczó, Rudolf Molnár, Balázs Mostis, Ferenc Sinkó, Viktória Zsuzsanna Szabó, Ágnes Szucher, Hunor-József Varga, Orsolya Veres. Staff: Nóra Balázs, Réka Biró, Katalin Deák, Kata Demeter, Kinga Kovács, Paul Sarvadi, Krisztina Sipos, Zsuzsanna Vass. Professional Consultants: Ilona Deme, Izabella Kasza, Keresztesi Polixéna, Éva László, Júlia Szabó.

The production was supported by the Romanian Cultural Fund (Administrația Fondului Cultural Național – AFCN).

The project does not necessarily reflect the position of the Romanian Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the way in which the results of the project have been used; all responsibility lies solely with the funding’s beneficiary.