14. 11. 2017


The company of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj will present A Streetcar Named Desire at the International Classical Theatre Festival held in Arad. The person who selected the performances featured within the 23rd edition of the festival was theatre critic Maria Zărnescu, the event gathering a total of 12 theatre companies showcasing their talent. A Streetcar Named Desire will take place on Wednesday, November 15, at 5 pm, at the Studio Hall of the Ioan Slavici Theatre.


A A Streetcar Named Desire is an outrageous play, filled with outrageous dreams, dreamers, and violence — both physical and psychological. The play deals with one of the most sickening human impulses: the desire to destroy the outsider, the foreigner, the one whose lifestyle is different from your own. But it is not a cold play. Over its roughest parts is stretched a skin of love and sex that disarms the violence, at least until morning. Slaps melt into embraces, bruises get caressed. The characters desire each other, but even more, they desire peace.


Following the guest performance in Arad, the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj’s production of Julius Caesar will be presented within the 23rd edition of the Târgu Mureş International Book Fair. Audiences will be able to see the play on Friday, November 17, at 7 pm, at the Main Hall of the Târgu Mureş Naţional Theatre. Directed by Silviu Purcărete, the Shakespearian play has already been featured this season at international theatre festivals in Almagro, Spain as well as Seoul, South Korea.