30. 10. 2017

Warm Reception for the Performances of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj at the National Theater Festival

The performances of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj were a great success at the 27th edition of the National Theatre Festival. On Monday, October 23, the play Rosmersholm was presented in the Studio Hall of the National Theater in Bucharest, followed on the 24th and 25th of October by two performances of The Lower Depths, staged within the studio space built upon the National Theatre's Main Stage. All three performances received standing ovations and loud cheers from the public.

“Those who did not leave, welcomed almost-midnight, which incidentally coincided with the end of the play, with standing ovations and loud cheers for the formidable Éva Imre, a Rebecca who will haunt us for a long time. Not that the Balázs Bodolai's pastor would have been inferior. That «I'm not afraid anymore!!!» in three languages, which lasted for more than a minute at the end of the first part (...), deserves a place in theatrical anthology."- wrote Mihai Brezeanu after the performance of Rosmersholm.

Moreover, actress Oana Pellea penned an open letter to the theatre company after the performance of The Lower Depths: "Thank you to each and every one of you, thank you all. Thank you for your dedication, talent, professionalism, work, brilliance and precision. You are part of the theatre company that I consider to be the best in Romania. A company I would have been honored to be part of. You are a company that ennobles the Stage. Thank you for all the performances I have seen over time, which have brought clarity and joy to my soul. Thank you for tonight's FNT performance. A true wonder!"

The next performance of The Lower Depths in Cluj will take place on November 27, while that of Rosmersholm will be presented on November 29.