26. 10. 2017


Several institutions and organizations from Cluj pertaining to the field of performing arts have joined together at the end of September. These are: Reactor de creaţie şi experiment, the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, the Paintbrush Factory as well as its affiliate associations, ColectivA and GroundFloor Group, the Lucian Blaga National Theatre, ZUG.zone and Waitingroom Project. The first manifestations of this cooperation can be seen in the teatruincluj.ro website, as well as the INTERDEPENDENT loyalty card created for audience members who frequently attend theatrical performances.

In addition to the user-friendly interface (available on mobile devices as well), these services are also aimed at bringing together theatre lovers and theatrical entities.

Important details concerning performances can easily be found on the friendly and minimalist teatruincluj.ro platform, such as the title, location, time and language of said production, as well as whether or not surtitles are available for audience members who do not speak the language of the performance. Moreover, there is a link that takes you to the ticketing website, and as an additional feature, you can add the selected event to your personal Google Calendar.

The INTERDEPENDENT card encourages viewers to discover the performances of all of the collaborators taking part in this joint venture. The card is available and can be purchased at the ticket office of each and every partner institution or organization when purchasing a ticket. The card is valid for an entire theatrical season, and will be stamped at each location. After collecting five stamps, the viewer receives a free ticket to a performance of their choice.

Visit teatruincluj.ro/card/ for more details and online registration for the INTERDEPENDENT loyalty card!

We kindly await everyone to attend the theatre!