13. 10. 2017


Toys: a Dark Fairy Tale, a production directed by Gábor Tompa, will be presented in November at the 59E59 Theaters in New York City. The performance, which has been included also within the 2016 edition of the Interferences Festival, will be featured between November 8 and 26 in the theatrical complex that presents Off Broadway, as well as Off-off Broadway plays.

Toys: A Dark Fairy Tale was written by contemporary Romanian playwright Saviana Stănescu, while the actors playing the piece are Tünde Skovrán and Júlia Ubrankovics.

Shari was born in a war-torn country, she grew up alone and that’s the way that she also learned to take care of herself; Clara grew up in New York and apparently she got everything she ever wanted. The two characters of the play, who had lives that were completely different, begin a surreal journey at the end of which they find one another in an explosive manner, revealing a common secret from their past.