21. 09. 2017


Our company’s Artistic Director, András Visky, has been honored with a Szép Ernő Prize for his work as a playwright.


The Szép Ernő Prize was founded in 1984 by Mrs. Berta Pogány Szép, the younger sister of Ernő Szép. The prize is awarded to playwrights, until 1992 only one person could be awarded the prize, whereas since that year, the number of people sharing the title of the “best playwright” increased to 2 or 3. In 2017, alongside András Visky, the prize had been awarded to director and playwright Anna Lengyel and writer, playwright and university professor Tibor Zalán. According to the judges, András Visky won the prize for the works he has thus far written, with special consideration to his opus Visszasületés/Re-Birth, for the philosophical approach towards the existential questions of the 21st century.

The prize will be awarded on September 21, on the occasion of the Anniversary of Hungarian Drama, at the Gizi Bajor Theatre Museum, in Budapest.

Our heartfelt congratulations to András Visky for this well-deserved recognition of his work!